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Do You Know These Top 5 On-Site Field Service Capabilities?

As you may already know, our full-time expert staff performs maintenance and repairs on your electric motors, 24/7 to ensure you have zero down time.  This includes onsite services for electrical testing, AC and DC motor maintenance, balancing, vibration monitoring, laser alignment, CO2 cleaning, and installation and removal of motors.

Here is a brief description of some of our on-site test equipment and capabilities.  They include:


Hipotronics High Power-Motor Test System

Model MTC-1500 Designed to provide test stand power for testing of multi-horsepower AC and DC motors. Capabilities of 1500KVA up to 7000 Volts. Capable of linking to our network to allow printing of reports for customers. All reports, since 1996, have been archived for our customers’ equipment which makes accessing the maintenance records easier.


AW I-900E Dynamometer

This diagnostic-solution equipment is an accurate testing tool that can easily test AC/DC, traction, and gear reduction motors providing guaranteed motor efficiency. The State-of-the-art AW Dynamometer can simulate actual motor load conditions while, at the same time, measure horsepower and torque output. This data then becomes a validated written performance test through the use of a digital, 4-function horsepower readout and test report printer. This equipment has the power to test the major high-power motors with as much as 3100 ft/lbs of high-torque start-up capability. The I-900E electric motor dynamometer is rated at (600 H.P. – 447 KW) at 1160 RPM, (900 H.P. 671 KW at 3600 RPM), 3100 ft lbs. torque – 4208 NM) at 0-1000 RPM. This unit enables full horsepower-kilowatt testing in the 1800-3600 RPM range. The AW Dynamometer has the power to test the major high-power motors with as much as 3100 ft. lbs of high torque start-up capability. Printing includes Electric Motor Applications I-900E Power & Torque Charts


CSI 2130 Vibration Analyzer

The most advanced vibration analyzing model for collecting vibration data. We have AMS Machinery Manager Software which allows us to create historical data for archiving on motor repairs for customers.  The equipment creates and sends reports for review and analyzing.


12KV Baker Surge Testers 

Capabilities include up to 30KV. Tests rewinding resistance mega ohms, PI (polarization index) and prints PI graphs. The Bakers Surge Testers perform standard surge tests and step-voltage testing. They are automated to give consistency in testing and also prints color test results.  The D12000 Surge Tester can perform Polarization Index and Hipot tests.


In Conclusion

These are just some of the Field Service capabilities we offer.  Contact Us today to learn more.

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