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Expanding to Meet Your Needs – 16x12 Steel Bedplate for Motor Testing

16x12 Steel Bedplate for Motor Testing

At RSAW we know that our customers motor needs are continuously changing.  As such we’re continuously improving our capabilities for your benefit.

Largest in the Southeast.

Check out our 16’ x 12’ steel bedplate for motor testing. 

One of a series of innovations we’ve introduced for our customers, this massive foundation is a requirement for testing the largest motors to ensure that any vibration discovered is coming from the machine and not the bedplate. 

As you might expect, the larger and heavier the motor the greater the need for a massive foundation.  Isolating the bedplate and foundation from the surrounding surfaces limits the effects of background vibration from your test results.  As a result the most precise and accurate data possible can be acquired.

So how did we accomplish this for our customers? 

High-level production steps included:

  • Building an excavated foundation consisting of 50 cubic yards of Portland Cement weighing in at approximately 126,900 pounds (not including the steel reinforcement bar framework)
  • Introducing holes with removable covers into the design so that vertical motors could be mounted directly to the bedplate
  • Leveling of the bedplate to within 0.005” flat and parallel across the entire surface
  • Supporting it with a state-of-the-art PHENIX-5000-13.8-KV test panel

What does all this mean for your motors? 

The largest test stand in the Southeast is right in your own back yard.

From the very biggest to the very smallest, you can trust RSAW and its 3-generations of family know-how to be your motor service specialists. 

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