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The Alpha Through Omega of Motor Customer Service

Alpha to Omega

Customer Service

We worry that too many companies in need of motor repair, service, sales, and storage feel that customer service may be a thing of the past.

Have you experienced any of these issues while interacting with customer service?

  • Poorly staffed
  • Terminal hold
  • Lost in the phone system
  • Hung up on
  • Unfamiliar with your job
  • Unresponsive
  • Poor communication
  • Left hanging without answers
  • Repair reports incomplete, inaccurate or overly complex
  • Transferred from person to person like a hot potato
Customer Service Alpha Through Omega (A - Ω)

At RSAW we have some old-fashioned ideas about customer service, and we believe they serve us very well. Our customer service organization includes all of our team members, from the company President down to the newest trainee.

  • Dedicated resources
  • We hire, train and compensate the appropriate number of people to provide a superior level of service to our customers
  • We call them “Project Managers” instead of “Customer Service Representatives”
  • Their job title reflects what they do; “Project Manager / Inside Sales”

Our Project Managers have immense responsibilities. We place our highest confidence in them to take care of our most important people, our customers. As our company President likes to put it, “The project managers are responsible for all aspects of shop repairs, alpha through omega”.

So, what does alpha through omega entail? 

  • The project manager's responsibility starts when the initial phone call or email is received from the customer
  • They arrange pick up of equipment
  • They create a repair job upon receipt, communicate with the shop supervisors regarding the urgency of the repair, initial work scope, and produce the incoming repair report
  • They create and submit the quote, review the purchase order, release the job to production, order non-stock parts, and monitor and communicate the progress of the work through the shop (single point of contact for all matters related to your repair project)
  • They schedule any witnessed inspections or testing, prepare and submit the final report, verify the job packet is complete, and arrange for shipping of the repaired equipment

As one might expect, it takes a very knowledgeable, conscientious, and responsible person to handle all these responsibilities. Our project managers are just those people. Special people, personally invested in the success of your project, who routinely go above and beyond their responsibilities to assist customers in need. Every shop repair, field service job, or new equipment purchase is a project. Why not treat it that way?

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