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RSAW is still "Gritting it Done" for you 24/7

"Grit it Done"

The businesses that Red Stick Armature Works serve are the backbone of the American economy and critical to global infrastructure. We understand like few others the vital nature of the oil, gas, petrochemical and production plants that we serve. And we know that it’s the people and the motors that keep those plants running.

We have made adjustments.

To continue to meet your needs in this dynamic and evolving time:

  • RSAW is monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Louisiana Office of Public Health and is taking every precaution to follow protocol and limit risk of exposure for any of our team members who may need to serve your business.
  • Those protocols extend measures of safety and precaution beyond our RSAW team members to your team members.
  • While many of our team is now working from home, our motor shop continues to work full-time to repair and recondition motors.
  • Our Field Services team is working remotely, and is prepared to be deployed to your site for repair, inspection, motor removal or installation.

Need to schedule a business critical visit?

RSAW continues to be the only motor repair shop available around-the-clock to solve your motor repair problems, 24 / 7 / 365.

If you feel you need to schedule a business-critical visit, please call us at 1-800-895-0443 or Contact Us to make arrangements.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now.

But one thing you can count on is that Red Stick will “grit it done” to keep your plant up and running.

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