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Long-Term Motor Storage – 4 Key Factors

It is common knowledge to those involved in the electric motor storage business that maintenance philosophies and procedures vary.  But getting it right isn’t that complicated.  Here are four key variables that EASA and our own Carick “Joe” Howard found when looking at seven different motor manufacturers and the similarities and differences from each source.   They are environment, moisture protection, bearing maintenance, and insulation.

Do You Know These Top 5 On-Site Field Service Capabilities?

As you may already know, our full-time expert staff performs maintenance and repairs on your electric motors, 24/7 to ensure you have zero down time.  This includes onsite services for electrical testing, AC and DC motor maintenance, balancing, vibration monitoring, laser alignment, CO2 cleaning, and installation and removal of motors.  Here is a brief description of some of our on-site test equipment and capabilities.