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Three Critical Steps When Addressing Storm and Flood Damaged Electric Motors

In the aftermath of major storm-caused flooding to coastal and inland plant facilities, the impact of salt water, mud, and moisture can be devastating to the many different types of sizes of electric motors used in your plant.

When this happens, fast decisions must be made to get the remediation project underway and to minimize costly plant downtime.

Below are the three critical “first steps” to take if or when this ever happens to you.

When is Hot "Too Hot" for Your Electric Motor?

Did you know that as ambient temperatures rise, the operating temperatures of your electric motors rise as well.  Inevitably, someone will take note of the increased operating temperature during a maintenance activity or periodic inspection, at which point the question suddenly becomes:

At what point is the motor exceeding its design operating temperature? 

Today’s article is intended to provide some practical information concerning motor operating temperatures and what you can do about it.