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Red Stick Armature Works Employee Photo

More Than Machines: Celebrating Our People at Red Stick Armature Works (for 65 Years!)

Join us in celebrating the 65th anniversary of Red Stick Armature Works!

Discover how we've thrived through challenges, achieved remarkable growth, invested in our future, honored our legacy, and celebrated individual milestones. Here's to many more years of excellence and innovation!

Red Stick Armature Works applying Marine Coat Epoxy Paint for superior motor protection.

Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Marine Coat Epoxy Paint for Motors in the South

Protect your motors from southern saltwater corrosion with Marine Coat Epoxy Paint.

This specialized coating extends motor life and optimizes performance in harsh coastal environments. Learn how Marine Coat Epoxy Paint offers superior resistance to corrosion, enhances durability, and improves motor efficiency, all contributing to significant cost savings for southern businesses.