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Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.  It’s an adage as old as time.  And when it comes to keeping your motors—and your production—running, they are truly words to live by.

From severe storms to national emergencies to unexpected motor failures, at Red Stick Armature Works, we’re ready for whatever threat may be lurking, with 24/7/365 electric motor repair and rapid response field teams that are always at the ready.  With RSAW at your side, you'll be ready too.

Superior Preparation, Protection and Peace of Mind

Field Service Teams - Our rapid response teams are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to ensure minimal downtime.

Multiple Teams - Our multiple teams ensure round-the-clock availability for your electric motor needs.

Personal Project Manager - Our dedicated, single point of contact streamlines your motor diagnostics, repair, or replacement to get your operations back online sooner.

Clean and Safe - Our enhanced cleaning and sanitizing policies ensure maximum safety when we enter your plant, and your motor enters our shop.

Motor Storage and Inventory - Our 55,000 sq. ft. facility is available for round-the-clock testing, maintenance and storage and is fully stocked with motors ready for delivery day or night.

How RSAW's 24/7/365 Motor Repair Benefits You

Reduced Plant Downtime - Using our team of immediate response experts.

Minimized Revenue Loss - With motors that are serviced and back online in the shortest time possible.

Peace of Mind - Knowing that there is a motor repair company you can count on any time, day or night, weekend or holiday, to keep you up and running

Keep These Numbers Handy

800-895-0443 | 225-635-0443

You can trust Red Stick Armature Works to get you back to business as usual, providing electric motor repair service 24/7/365. Just give us a call for immediate access to our capacity, knowledge AND service—anytime, day or night, all year ‘round. It’s why RSAW is the number one choice among companies who understand that lost operating time equals lost revenue and profits.

For immediate, 24/7/365 assistance, please give us a call or reach out to one of our Personal Project Manager experts today.  

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