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Your personal project manager is your team’s lead and is always on standby, keeping you abreast of your project or motor progress and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Their responsibility starts with your initial phone call or email.  They will arrange pick up of your equipment, create a repair job upon receipt, communicate with the shop supervisors regarding the urgency of your repair, and produce an incoming repair report.

Next, they will create and submit your quote, receive the purchase order, release your job to production, order non-stock parts (if needed), and monitor and communicate the progress of the work through the shop.

Finally, they will schedule any witnessed inspections or testing for you, prepare and submit your final report, verify that your job packet is complete, and arrange for shipping of the repaired equipment back to you.

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Records & Reports That Keep You

On Track and In-the-Know

Your personal project manager’s record keeping and reports to you include Microsoft Office based repair reports, written mechanical and electrical repair procedures, photos taken indicating type of failure, analysis of motor failure pattern, inspection for mechanical, and electrical defects.

Your project manager and our entire team will be careful to follow manufacturer’s recommendations, make repairs to original specification, recommend when it is better for you to replace than repair, and accurately record your winding data and verifying with Manufacturer’s data or EASA rewind data.

All Part of Our Standard Operating Procedure

Your project manager’s standard operating procedures include an audit process, quality assurance measures documentation, written safety manuals, and weekly routine safety meetings to insure that your job is done right the first time, every time. Can your current electric motor repair vendor do all of this? Contact us today!