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Big Enough and Fully Staffed to Meet Your Needs

Our largest motor repair capability is 10 Mega Watt Horsepower with rewind capabilities reaching motors up to 40 Tons, 144 inches in diameter, and 13,800 Volts.

To ensure that when a critical motor failure or emergency repair happens to your business, we are ready and waiting to help. 

Our work:

  • Is performed in a 38,000 sq ft. repair shop with an entrance door that is 20 ft. high and 20 ft. wide
  • Includes a dynamic balancing stand with a weight capacity of 17,500 pounds.
  • We make 4 working shifts available to you and offer 24 hours coverage, 7 days a week.
Man will Drill

Repair Materials

Having the right parts available at the right time is critical to getting your motor fixed and back in your production process.

At RSAW we provide and install new bearings, bearing isolators, and ceramic coated bearings in a clean area. We also provide High Voltage VPI epoxy treatment and repair, and we replace defective parts using OEM or equivalent. And finally, we offer Class F insulation and our bearing types include anti-Friction cylindrical roller and deep groove ball and sleeve (including plain cylindrical bore as well as tilt pad and Kingsbury thrust bearings).


Machine Shop

Our advanced machine shop includes engine lathes, a vertical boring mill, and a horizontal milling machine. Machine tool capabilities include arc welding, axis mill, spray welding, line Boring, and lathes with 12'' to 64 '' swing. Restoration of shaft or housing surface (boring and bushing) is performed, along with oil mist conversions.

Testing Capabilities

Our testing capabilities reach up to 40 Tons and 13800 volts and 12’ x 16’ isolated test stand, the largest in the Southeast.

We offer vibration testing, dynamometer testing, thermography capability (hot spots), and testing for thermal protectors and similar devices.

Our off-line testing includes core loss test before and after stator rewind, winding resistance, meg-ohm-DC resistance., polarization index, high potential (Hipot), and surge.

Our on-line testing includes voltage level and voltage unbalance, harmonic distortions, current level and current unbalance, load level, torque signatures, and rotor bar signatures.

Other tests we offer include motor evaluation capabilities, air gap check capability, and shaft straightness check procedures.

Test bed with PHENIX test stand.

Tanks, Calibration Tools and Cleanliness Standards

We have a 12’ diameter VPI tank and utilize 100% epoxy solids material in our process, a 7,500-gallon holding tank, and a covered 8x8x8 varnish tank.

Our calibration tools include ammeter, AC & DC High Potential (Hipot), megohmmeter, ohmmeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, Phenix Core Loss Tester, CSI vibration analyzers.

Our gauges are always put away when done, we follow housekeeping procedures to insure a clean and organized workplace in an environmentally controlled work area.