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Questions to Ask When Selecting an Industrial Electric Motor Repair Company

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Below is a list of questions that you should consider asking yourself when evaluating potential industrial electric motor repair shops and service centers. They come to us courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT), with input from trade associations, consulting companies, manufacturers, non-profit corporations, and others.

The purpose of these questions is to help identify elements that are indicative of an electric motor repair shop’s ability to deliver quality work on your motors. Those questions include:

#1 - Primary market niche

Does the shop do a significant amount of repair work with the type and size of motors you are likely to submit?

#2 - Tools and Facilities Inventory

Can the repair facility handle the largest motors you expect to submit?  Considerations include weight, length, diameter, horsepower, and voltage.

#3 - Repair Materials Inventory

Does the shop have the right insulation materials?

Does it also have a good inventory of wire sizes in stock?

What do they do if the exact wire size is not in stock?

# 4 - Staff Stability, Training, and Experience

Is their staff knowledgeable, with lots of experience, training, and low turnover?

How many employees have over 8 years of experience?

Do they offer employees in-house training or structured mentoring, access to off-site short courses, workshops or seminars, and attendance at trade conferences or conventions?

#5 - Record Keeping System

Does the shop maintain a record of your past electric motor repair problems and remedies that go back years?

Does their document and record-keeping include EASA, ISO, IEEE, NEMA, UL, and AFBMA?

#6 - Cleanliness and Environmental Control

Are the materials and supplies used in their shop protected from contamination?

Are bearings and lubricants placed in a clean location?

Can tools and test equipment be easily found when needed?

Do they have environmentally controlled work and storage areas?

# 7 - Standard Operating Procedures

Does the shop have documented audit processes, quality assurance measures, and safety manuals?

Next Step?

Are you looking for an industrial electric motor repair shop with over 60 years of experience that pays close attention to all of these important criteria and more? If yes, please feel free to Contact Us today or give us a call at 800-895-0443 and one of our experienced Personal Project Managers will quickly reach out to you.

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